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Monday, July 5, 2010

Cute Crochet Dolls

I love Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn and I visit their website often in search of potholder or dishcloth patterns. I know they have tons of awesome patterns, but I didn't realize they also have free amigurumi patterns.  Either they are new, or I just wasn't paying attention, but in any case I was delighted to run across these free crochet doll patterns today on their site! 

This "Born on the 4th of July" doll is a day late for Independence day, but hey, there's always next year.  I think she's adorable!  Click here for the free pattern!

This "Fun in the Sun" doll is my favorite.  I love her little dress and look at those little shoes! Even the look on her face is just too cute! Click here for the pattern! 

This little one is called the "Mother Nature" doll.   Very sweet!  Click here for the free pattern!

And last but not least, the "Denim Doll".  Click here for the free pattern!

Ok, technically this isn't a "doll" , but this little amigurumi tiger was just too cute to leave out!
Click here for the free pattern!

I can't believe it's already July and I'm starting to think about my Christmas crochet projects.  Each year I vow to start earlier than the year before but somehow I just can't get motivated when it's 90+ degrees outside.  We'll see!

Thanks for visiting, as always, and I hope you have a terrific day!

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  1. Thank you for putting links for these in your blog. They're so cute!

  2. I have been impressed with the range of their patterns.

  3. Oh, these are so cute. I particularly like the first two. Think I'll go download the patterns! Crazy me, as many sites as I get free patterns from, sugarncream never occurred to me.

  4. yeah I have been on their site as well and have never seen these, how adorable! thanks for posting and making it more known!


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