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Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Baby Snow Bunny!

I've been wanting to make this little amigurumi snow bunny for the longest time, but kept getting distracted by other projects and putting it on the backburner. So here she is, at long last, and I love how she turned out!

To me, the expression on an ami's face can make or break the finished project.
I think she has the cutest face, even tho she only has eyes. I guess it's the shape of her face combined with her ears.

So much cuteness!

Daisy the fawn fell in love with her too!

And every bunny must have a cute little tail!

This reminds me of how far I've come on my amigurumi journey! The little pink-eared bunny was my second amigurumi ever. This was before I bought any safety eyes, so I embroidered her eyes on, as well as her nose and mouth.

Here's my Snow Baby with the Snow Bunny!

I thought it might be fun to put all my "snow" amigurumi's together for a picture.

And, or course, Daisy the fawn has to get in on everything!

You can download the pattern for the Baby Snow Bunny here.

I rounded up some free amigurumi bunny patterns in case anybunny, er.... anybody is interested in making their own little bunny. Hope you find one (or many) that you like!

Image of Best Bunny
Lion Brand yarn "Best Bunny" pattern.

One of Ana Paula's adorable creations! You can find the pattern here.

bunny (24K)
Little Amigurumi Bunny pattern.

Bunny Boo pattern from Roxy Craft. Get it here.

Bring Spring Bunnies pattern.

Another Snow Bunny pattern.

Japanese Amigurumi Rabbit. You can get the translated pattern here.

I love this Keychain Bunny!

Host unlimited photos at for FREE!
Bebo the Bunny. Click here for the pattern.

Image of Amigurumi Bunny Egg Cozy
Amigurumi Bunny Egg Warmer pattern.
Sometimes the simplest patterns make the cutest ami's!

Love Bunnies! So CUTE! Click here for the pattern.

Image of Amigurumi Bunny Wedding Cake Topper
And in keeping with the theme of "love", celebrate your bridal shower or wedding with this adorable amigurumi bunnies cake topper. You can get the pattern here.

Image of Mr  Funky Bunny In A Dress
Mr Funky Bunny in a Dress.

Image of Amigurumi Heartfelt Bunny
Amigurumi Heartfelt Bunny. I just love her!

Image for Amigurumi - Kawaii Bunny DIY Craft Project
Amigurumi Kawaii (cute) Bunny.

Bimbette the Bunny! Fuzzy cuteness! Grab the pattern!

Image for Amigurumi - String Bean Bunny DIY Craft Project
Amiguruni String Bean Bunny pattern.

Image of Carrot Rattle
And don't forget to crochet a carrot for your bunny!

As always, thanks for visiting and come back soon!

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  1. I love how the snowbunny turned out!! so dang cute. thanks for sharing, I am still chugging away on my ladybug girl.

  2. Love your snow bunny! I made it a couple of months ago too. It came out so cute I hated to give it away. :D

  3. hiii.. i fell in love with the small snow baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's the cutest amigurumi i ever saw!!!!!! can you tell where you found the pattern please??


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