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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Adventures in Amigurumi

I finished another amigurumi project, a little ballerina bunny. I crocheted her by looking at a picture I found on the internet.

I loved crocheting her tutu!

I may make her some ballet slippers, which I think would be really cute!

After I finished my little ballerina and while deciding what to crochet next, I saw a picture of a tiny little thread bear. I was completely fascinated by these little guys and decided I just had to give it a try. These mini bears are between 1" and 5". I think they are adorable!

Gabriel, a 4" bear from Wild Berry Bears.

This is Clint, a 2 1/4" teddy bear. Designed by Edith Molina.

There are also what some refer to as "micro" bears which are 1" and under.

Cradle Me Bear' by Berta Hesen-Minten

Cradle Me Bear' by Berta Hesen-Minten

These bears are crocheted almost just like other amigurumi patterns, however with material such as perle cotton, or punch thread and a much smaller crochet hook, usually from size 0.4 mm up to 1.5 mm. They are works of art for teddy bear or miniature collectors and are not intended to be toys.

So here's my first attempt at crocheting a tiny “thread” bear. It is only 3 inches tall and the arms and legs are thread jointed.

I think it turned out pretty good, considering it’s my first one. However, I learned a lot while crocheting this one and I know there are some things I'll do different on the next one.

I had a lot of fun making this little bear, although it was way different from the amigurumi’s I’ve been crocheting lately. I used size 10 thread, because that’s all I had on hand, and a size 9 hook. Can you say bifocals?!

I think I’m going to crochet her some clothes and sew some black lines on her paws for more detail.

If you’d like to make a thread bear there is a free pattern, as well as a tutorial for this little pink "Monique" bear here.

I'm looking forward to doing more of these cute bears in the future. Anyone ever crocheted one of these bears? Tell us about it!

Today's Free Amigurumi Patterns theme is "Super Mario Brothers"! These patterns are adorable. They're so detailed and really look like the characters! They are from Wolfdreamer's blog and this is just a small sampling of the free patterns on her blog.

Click here for Mario.

And here's the other brother Luigi.

Toad and Toadette. Click here for the pattern.

Mario mushrooms!


There are many other "Mario" patterns on the site including Bombomb, Chain-Chomp, Fireflower, King Boo, & Luma.

Here's a Super Mario Brother's Invincibility Star from "Shh, I'm Counting", another great blog!

Grab the pattern here.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments section!

Hope you found something you like, and as always thanks for visiting!

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  1. Love the bunny and bear your crocheted! I did some tiny Christmas mice out of thread for a co-worker/friend years and years ago (no photo). They were so cute. I haven't tried them since, don't know if I want to, but yours is cute. Thanks for sharing,

  2. So cute! I love the tiny teddy bear!

    Thank you for following my blog -- when I clicked on your name, it doesn't link to your profile like some blogger accounts do, so I tracked you down when I saw you listed on someone else's blog catalog widget! I recognized your pic. Whew - glad I found you.

    Love your blog!

  3. Me again - I'm getting an error message when attempting to follow -- will be back! :D

  4. I love your work!! These are adorable
    I am following you from
    I am glad I am!

  5. You are very talented.

    following you from MBC.

  6. *grins* Cuteness abound! All the pieces are great, but that little bunny caught my eye ^_^ Such impressive work, especially with the detail on the smaller pieces. Kudos!

  7. well i dont get how yo did amigurumi mushrooms
    i think a video of how to do it would hepl better
    email me if u do it or know where i can see it

  8. I really wish I could get the pattern for that little ballerina bunny! I know 7 little girls who would love to get one as a present. if you should write it down, or know where a pattern could be found, please, let me know.


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