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Thursday, August 6, 2009

So Sweet Amigurumi Snail

One of the things I love about Amigurumi crochet is the
quick results! I never have time to get bored with the project I'm working on before it's finished! The minute I finish a project I take pictures of it, admire it for a few minutes, then immediately start on the next one. There is just so much satisfaction to be gained from successfully completing a project and having it come out beautiful.

I finished my snail last night and I'm so happy with it! I'm already thinking about doing another one and trying to figure out what colors to use on the next one.

I gave her blue eyes, just because I've always used black and I was curious what it would look like with the blue. I like it! I also made little 'humps' where her antennae would be. It just kinda looked bare on her head. I was very glad I did. All I did was just whip stitch over and over in the same spot until a little 'hump' formed. I love the way that turned out...much more smooth and neat than french knots. My french knots NEVER turn out.

So Small and So Sweet!

I've had very positive responses to her so I think I'll make several more for the craft fair.

I finally broke down and bought the pattern for the "Adorable Pink Fawn" I've been eyeing for weeks! She's just so cute I couldn't resist any longer. I am also planning to make one (or several!) with colors to look like Rudolph for Christmas.
I started on the fawn this morning and she's coming along well and has to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

Thanks for visiting and until next time....happy hooking!

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  1. This is so cute it makes me want to go out and start a new hobby!

    I swear I am sitting here staring at my computer making the scrunchy, cute baby face. :)

    Great work!

  2. This is so cute. Do you just do crochet at craft fairs? Do they sell well?


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