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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Free Patterns for Beautiful Picot Crochet

Last night while surfing the web looking for neat crochet pictures and patterns, I ran across this site that I just have to share with you! I've always loved the diversity of crochet. From the big chunky afghan stitches, to the delicate picot stitches in doilies. Crochet is simply beautiful.

The site is called, and it is amazing! Not only are there some beautiful pictures of different stitches on the website, but all of the patterns are available for download....FREE! The patterns are done in "diagrams", however, if you click on the "tutorial" link it gives you detailed directions on how to follow a diagram. The site also has forums with tons of information and helpful tips. Check out the photos below. This is just a small, sampling of what is to be found on this wonderful site.

Wouldn't this make a lovely brooch?

Some of the techniques covered on are simple & textured, multi-colour, openwork & lace patterns, collar & edgings, quilt motifs, flowers & volumetric and filet crochet. Again, here is just a very small sampling of what the site offers:

Simple, Multi-colour, & Openwork Patterns

Quilt Motifs

Searching thru the archives I found even more stunning pictures and patterns to download. Including hairpin lace, which I've never tried but has always fascinated me.

Hairpin Lace

I told you this was a great site! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I Love Crochet!

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  1. wow, that really is a great site, i just went to check it out and theres a lot of great patterns! thanks for the recommendation.

  2. woooooooow

    last crochet picture is sooooooooo cool
    I wish I now the pattern to do it

    best wishes to you

    god bless you

  3. I love this site. I check it out everyonce in awhile but it looks like i need to check it out more often thank you for posting. have a great one.

  4. very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyy beautiful ! amazing ! I love all of them
    tanx a lot


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