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Friday, February 12, 2010

Amigurumi Love Birds for Valentine's Day

Hello everyone! I have been in a bit of a crochet 'slump' lately. Or I guess I should say things kept getting in the way of my crochet, which is what put me in the slump. I just couldn't seem to get any of my crochet projects finished! Things that should have taken me a day, were taking me a week due to distractions, interruptions and just 'life' in general. Thankfully things seem to be looking up in that area lately, and I finished my little amigurumi 'Love Birds" in time for Valentine's day.

These little birds were so easy to make and worked up quickly as well. Perfect for a last minute Valentine's Day gift!

The pattern can be found on the Lion Brand Yarn website here.

Still want more Valentine's Day crochet patterns? Then check these out!

Amigurumi Heart doll pattern link.

Crochet Box of Chocolates pattern link.

So cute!! Amigurumi Love Bug pattern link.

The pattern designer intended for these to be crocheted dog toys, but there could be many additional uses for these cute hearts! Pattern can be found here.

Crochet Basket Weave Valentine Heart Satchet pattern link.

Adorable crochet hearts pattern link.

All of these are just perfect for Valentine's day projects or gifts. I'm working on some small crochet gifts to give to friends.So I'm off to get those done before Valentine's day.

Thanks for visiting as always!

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  1. How sweet your amigurumi lovebirds are! Thank you for sharing them and all the rest of the
    Valentine crochet patterns.

  2. I just love your lovebirds they are so cute, wonderful job you did on them..I love how you displayed them with the heart you did..they just all go together so well, you have a good day!

  3. Girl, it is not just you! I've had a couple of dolls whose parts are just sitting there staring at me and I'm waving at them as I pass by, "I'll get to you soon, I promise!"
    Here's to Completed Projects!
    Good Luck!

  4. Those lovebirds are ADORABLE! Thank you so much for sharing all of those patterns! I really love the heart Satchet too!! You have such a lovely blog!! Thank you so much for stopping to visit mine! I am going to snag your button badge to share on my blog. If you would like to snag mine, you are more than welcome to as well!

    Happy Crocheting!!

    Lindsay of CrochetDLane

  5. I would like to award you the Sunshine Award. Details can be found at

  6. There is not one pictured project that I did not love. Beautiful work

  7. Wow you are one talented lady. Love them all. Whoever receives one of these is really in for a treat. Thanks for sharing.

  8. i absolutely love your love bug! ceep making more! i have been making little teddy bears for valentines day and maybe we can make a swap or somethin........visit my blog to get my e-mail adress if youre interested! thanks for sharing


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