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Monday, January 11, 2010

Gourmet Crochet Mystery Crochet-a-Long Update

I'm having a great time with the Mystery Afghan crochet-a-long over at Gourmet Crochet. I've been a bit behind, but I'm almost caught up now. The group is on square #7, and I finished my 6th square today. Hopefully I will finish square #7 tonight, and do the edging and square #8 tomorrow. At that point I will be completely caught up!

I wanted to post a few pictures of my squares so far. (I haven't taken pics of 4, 5 & 6 yet, but here are the first 3). I'm using scrap yarn, as are many of the other participants, and I'm a bit nervous that they won't all match well in the end. But I do love these colors I'm using!

Square #1 in Turqoise. I love's de-li-cious and did you know that Pantone, which tracks colors in the fashion and home-d├ęcor industries, has named turquoise the "Color of 2010"?

Square #2 in Pale Pink, it looks white in this picture for some reason.
Square #3 in Orchid.

These squares work up really quickly, and the patterns are all variations on the shell stitch. I usually have such a torturous time crocheting an afghan! I just loathe the thought of sitting down and crocheting 50 or 60 squares exactly the same. I just don't have that kind of attention span. But because I do love the afghans when they are finished, I will once in awhile bite the bullet and make one. I think the reason I'm so excited about this crochet along is that making this afghan will be so easy, just crochet one square per day...that's it... and move on to other things until the next day's square. I'll still have time to work on my amigurumi projects, which I always look so forward to.

Speaking of amigurumi, I'm also finishing up another little amigurumi doll similar to my 'Emily' doll from a previous post. This one will be just a little different, but every bit as cute! I'll post pictures of her when she's finished, which should be within the week.

I hope all of you are staying warm and cozy during this recent cold snap. I know I am. We usually don't get a lot of snow here in Georgia, but this time we got a few inches. Here are some pictures that I took from my back window. It was actually snowing when I took them, but it doesn't show in the pictures.

That's all for now. Thanks for visiting as always!

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  1. awww man your so lucky you got snow!! I have only seen a few flurries and that is it. Im so glad you posted the pics of the squares, I was thinking about trying it but after looking at the patterns Im not really sure if I know if I can do it and now seeing the pics I couldnt imagine doing those kind of stitches, I might try one just to see how it turns out I cant wait to see the other pics as you post them, have a good day!!

  2. Hi, I found your blog through MBC. I love the squares. I've spent the last year learning to crochet via YouTube. So far I've done 4 afghans (small) for the kids and about 8 hat and scarf sets. I love it it calms me and gives me an excuse to get off my feet. I can't wait to see more! Happy Crocheting!


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