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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crochet Doll for Christmas

Hullo weihnachten.Image by bydo via Flickr

I hope you are all surviving the holiday madness, as you prepare for Christmas this year.  The holidays, while they are a joyous time, can wreak havoc on your mind and body if you aren't careful to make time to take care of YOU.  Getting enough 'down' time for rest and relaxation should be high on your list of priorities, and we've all heard the reports that crocheting  is a good stress reliever.  So make sure your schedule includes some relaxing crochet time!

I just finished my Christmas doll, "Pricilla".  She was a bit different from the other dolls I've made, but in a good way.  First, I gave her braided hair.  I've never done that before, but it was super easy and I thought it looked wonderful when it was done.  

  I really wanted to pay attention to the details, so I sewed tiny buttons on her shoe straps, and a small but fancy button at her collar.  I also loved the look of her hat with the red and white flower on it.  I decided not to give her a mouth because she looked so sweet with just the eyes that I didn't want to touch a thing on her face.  

It feels good to have another project done, and start planning the next one!  I'm deciding between a couple of amigurumi patterns, so I'm not sure what my next project will be.  I'm enjoying designing my own patterns, but sometimes it's nice to take a breather and crochet from a pattern so I don't have to think so much.  I did find several more adorable (and free) Christmas crochet pattern links which I will get organized and post next time. 

Thanks for visiting as always, and  I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

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  1. I love love your little baby doll....she's beautiful

  2. Hi Sonya! This is my first time to your site! LOVE your Christmas doll! She really is beautiful! I love to crochet too, but have been so busy, having had to move not too long ago. Things are finally settling down, but now we face the holiday rush!!.. I can't wait till I can finally make time to pick up my crochet hooks again!.. Anyways, I hope this finds you and yours enjoying the holiday season! ~tina

  3. Love your little doll Sonya and I hope it makes someone very happy at Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Is this pattern available anywhere?

  5. Anonymous,
    Thanks for your interest in my doll design. :)I am currently working on a pattern for this doll as well as some of my other original dolls and the patterns should be available shortly. So stay tuned!

  6. Hi Sonya!! I'm in love with this doll. is the pattern available? where? can you send it to me? this is my e-mail:
    Thank you very much and congratulations! your amigurumis are fantastic!.
    Kisses from Spain.


  7. Hi Nuria,
    thanks so much for your kind words about my dolls. There is no pattern for this doll available at this time, however I am in the process of writing patterns for all of my dolls and they will be available soon. Thanks again for your interest and I will let you know when this pattern becomes available.

  8. This is Adroable with a capital A!!

    Can't wait for the pattern <3

  9. Hello Sonya ,
    Your blog is beautiful and inspiring.Red doll is very,very nice.

    Greetings from Prag Jana

  10. The Christmas girl is adoramous!!!! I love her.
    Cindy Ribet

  11. This doll is SO cute! I love the little details, they really made her outfit, and the braided hair! Cuteness galore!
    By any chance, did you ever release the pattern?

    Following you on Google now, I love the things you make, and so helpful finding other, related stuff too =D


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