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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Amigurumi Baby and Works in Progress

Recently I took inventory of my unfinished crochet projects and decided it's time to either scrap them, or finish them up. Usually I'm very good about finishing a project before starting on another, but for some reason or another these got put aside. There aren't a lot of them, just enough to bug me!

This little amigurumi baby could actually be done. I set him aside to think about his hair. At first I just wasn't sure about it, but it has grown on me. I was also contemplating giving him some other details, like a bib or maybe some booties, but I kinda like him the way he is. I would like to give him a little smiling mouth though, so I'll do that and he'll be done.

I got the pattern for him out of an older crochet book called "Baby Bow Trims" and modified it a bit. And of course, left off the bow!

This doll is another original design where I got to a certain point and the ideas just stopped flowing. My trip to the beach was my inspiration for her. I learned from my first design that when I get "stuck" it's best to set it aside and wait for the ideas to flow again. I have a few ideas of what to do with her floating around in my head, just nothing that has felt 100% right yet. I do know that I really like her though, and I'd like to make her something special!

This, believe it or not, is a giraffe....or the beginnings of one anyway. I started him quite awhile back, but another terrific pattern, that I just couldn't wait to start caught my eye, so I put him aside. I really meant to go back to him sooner, he just kind of got buried in my yarn box and forgotten.

This is the girl version of the amigurumi baby above. She was suppose to get finished while I was at the beach, but I got inspired to create a beach type doll and never got around to finishing her.

I have miscellaneous "body parts" laying around like this head for another doll. She was set aside until I could get some white crochet thread for around her eyes and by the time I got the thread I had lost interest in her.

I really don't like leaving things unfinished so I imagine I'll finish all of these up eventually. Right now I'm putting the finishing touches on another doll. Hopefully she'll be done by tonight. My plan is to finish her, make some Halloween amigurumi's (I'll be posting some links to free Halloween patterns, as well) and then start on these. Of course my plans are always subject to change, so we'll see!

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  1. I've never seen those before - very cute!! I think your bathing beauty needs a flopsy beach hat with a flower! Keep on crafting!!

  2. Hi, Thank you for making me realise not finishing things isnt a problem with me!...I've never been particularly disciplined but my theory has always been that one day I'll merge all my unfinished bits to create a super ecclectic crazy thing. So far i have a shoe, a head, an eye on a long thing, half a hippo and an other bits and pieces. grandma!


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