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Monday, July 20, 2009


My amigurumi crocheted critters collection is growing by the day! Take a look at these little ones I was able to whip up over the weekend!

I'm including the free patterns because I know many of you will fall in love with these little cuties like I did!!
My bunny is finally finished (she was my 2nd project) and I think she is very sweet! I got the pattern for her here:

My safety lock eyes had not arrived in the mail yet, so I crocheted her eyes on, as well as giving her an embroidered mouth.

I've found that each project seems to get a little easier. The hardest part of amigurumi crochet in my opinion, is trying to figure out what to crochet next! They are all just so adorable. Not to mention quick and easy to complete!

When I finished the bunny

I started on my little turtle,
"Sheldon" as I call him.
(Yes I'm naming them now.
I'm getting very attached to the little guys!)
The pattern for the Turtle can be found here:

There aren't any assembly instructions on the pattern site, however I was able to assemble him without too much trouble by looking at the photo on the pattern.
Here's another picture so you can judge his size:


I'm off to cook dinner, then settle myself with yarn and hook in front of the t.v. to spend a relaxing evening creating!

Until next time....happy hooking!

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  1. Your creations are beautiful especially the turtle one.

    Thanks for the follow. I'm now following your lovely blog.

  2. These animals are really cute!

  3. Yea really,are you planning to sell them?because they are so adorable.

  4. Stopping by to say Hi and follow from the MBC Follow Me Club :)

  5. Your crocheted critters are so adorable! I wish I could do stuff like that but I have "two left hands" :-) Thanks for the MBC comment and the follow! I am following you now!

  6. Hi, I love the turtle, he's so cute. I wish i'm good at crocheting too. unfortunately, I'm not. i hope your collection grows. =)

  7. I agree with the consensus, these are so cute, and well made, you SHOULD sell them! :)

  8. Too adorable!!
    Stopping by via MBC to follow.

  9. Cute! This is my next step in crocheting. I know how to do the borders to baby receiving blankets, hats and scarfs... but I'd love to learn how to make crocheted animals... Do you have your own patterns? I will look forward when you post them! :)

    Following from MBC


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